Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Blog is Moving!

Since Kevin has very little to do with this part of our lives (ok seriously he has maybe looked at this site once or twice) I am moving this blog to wordpress where I can get a little more done! I am going to be posting different things on the new blog so hop on over and check it out!

See you all over there!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Since the Wedding

Kevin and I have been busy trying to get life back to order after the whirlwind of our wedding! We got a new member to our family in the form of a four legged little boy! His name is Beau and he is a black labrador retriever! He is absolutely beautiful and maggie and him and slowly developing a pecking order with Maggie remaining the top alpha~

Our house has been turned upside down with this monster of a dog but he is a great addition and we love him!

Kevin is continuing his work at the law firm and I am still working at Coldwater Creek about 5 minutes from our home!

We just got back from a mini vacation with his family in San Diego which included Mexican food in old town, a horseshoe tournament and delicious sea food!

We also drove from San Diego to Willcox for the wedding of Megan Dunlap and Jarrod Wells with the entire family! It was beautiful and a good time to visit friends. We have a new nephew on the way so we are getting ready for a baby into the hanger clan!

We are now home for a while and I am off to oklahoma in a few weeks to take my sis back to school and see some friends! We have furniture getting in as well this week so we will finally have furniture in the upstairs that fits our house! YEAH! Other than that, not much is going on!

Hope you enjoy the update!~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ABC's of Me

Hello Everyone!

i saw this on my friend Katy's website so I am copying it! Hope you like it!
Age: 24

B- Bed size: King Size- I gotta spread out

C- Chore you hate: laundry

D- Dog's name: Maggie Mae

E- Essential Food/Item: cookie pans- you can do a million things with them

F- Favorite color: green and red!

G- Gold or Silver: silver

H- Height: 5' 9”

I- I am: a total control freak

J- Job: Retail sales- Management team

K- Kids: none, unless you count kev and maggie

L- Living Arrangements: 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with a full basement! We love it and our neighbors

M- Mom's name: Monica

N- Nickname: Nicki, Nick, Nicklenose, stinker, pumpkin

O- Overnight hospital stay: Cysts and my face surgeries

P- Pet peeve: smelly people

Q- Quote from a movie: I don’t know any

R- Right or Left Handed: right

S- Siblings: Kristen, Brian, Holly, and Tanner

T- Time you wake up: 6ish

U- Unique thing about your car: I have a Honda civic with a ou law decal but don’t drive it cause Kev does and I drive his big red truck with an ou law decal

V- Vegetable you hate: collared greens

W- Ways you run late: kev, Maggie, traffic

X- X-rays you've had: feet, hips, chest, shoulders, face, teeth, head, whole body

Y- Yummy food you make: I love to bake! I can bake a great confetti cake! haha

Z- Zoo favorite: monkeys! They are so funny to watch!

Have a great day!~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Wedding is right around the corner!


The wedding is right around the corner and thought I should update our blog at some point! We are in the final stages of planning and have 3 different showers coming up! We are super excited about seeing everyone and couldn't ask for a better group of family and friends than what we have. Tracy has been working on my various invitation needs including 2 of my shower invites and has done an amazing job! Check her website out at Pretty much the coolest graphic designer ever and she can do anything you want! Robert's catering is doing our cake and we are super excited about eating that! I cant wait! My dress should be in to az in the next few weeks and then its time to get it fitted. I cant think of much else in regards to the wedding that you might want to know but just drop a line and I will try and fill you in.

In other life news-I am currently working at Coldwater Creek at San Tan Village Mall and really like it. Kevin has a job with a firm in downtown phoenix and seems to really like it. We are busy working and wedding planning and hopefully after the wedding we will have time to chill out and get the house decorated! We definitely need to do something with this house besides our 1 picture hanging!

Cant wait to see everyone!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Front of The New Hanger House
This is the kitchen/family room

Breakfast Nook

Stairs to Basement

Cool Shower!
My Huge Closet! One of the best parts of the house!

Our Bedroom View

The Front Entry!

Side Yard


Basement View 1

Basement View 2
I know these are pretty exciting, but as soon as we start getting it painted we will post. As many people know it is a never ending process!
Leave a note and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The Bride prior to getting done up!
Britni and Carrie

You know I am not sure what Dustin "Best Man" is doing to Ryan but Britni ruined the pic by pointing at something!

The Beautiful Bride

The Best Man Dustin and The Program Passer Outer, Wendy!

The Roomies!

Dooley and Kevin!

"The Photo Box"
Wendy, Amanda and Erin

The Crazy Bridesmaids

Britni and a lil cousin!

The Groom and I! That wasnt even planned!

Mullins, Kevin and Gibson!
Gibbs loves Kevin!

Ryan's Grandpa and Britni!
He was a dancing machine!

Dolley, Jo and lil Luke!
You cant really see him, but he is there!

Ryan's Sister and Sis-in-law and Me

The group shot!
From bottom middle and going to the right
Carrie, Wendy, Nicki, Jen, Mullins, Dustin, Ryan and Phillip

Adam, Gibbs, and Kevin at the after party!

2nd group shot!
From Bottom to right!
Jason, Dustin, Erin, Britni and Nicki
The Roomies women!
Jo, Brit and Nicki

Nicki and Baby Luke!
He wouldnt kick all thursday and friday and I was threatening no presents
Finally Saturday morning he smartened up and moved during breakfast for me so now I can get him fun gifts!
Law School Cronies!
Our Trip to the Tulsa Aquarium!

This little turtle finally made it up the log!

Then his buddy pushed him and kicked him off! He fell shortly after this pic!

Dooley and his big mouth Bass!
Kevin finally found his twin!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kevin's Graduation Extravaganza!

The Start of the weekend began with a tour of the law school! Here is the Hanger Family in front of the Moot Court Room!

Here is Kevin at his job in the distant future as a teacher!

Kevin and his good friend Gibson!

Kevin and the BOYS as Tanner says since he is a man and that is why he wasn't in the pic!
Kevin and I in his regalia!

The Hanger bunch with the GRADUATE

Kevin, Stephanie "the roomie" and me after graduation! Im so proud of both of them!

The Entire Hanger/Hogue graduation group outside Crab Town in Bricktown!

Kevin and our dads! Rick was making jokes!

The Party bus we all rode to graduation in! Lots of fun!

Brian and Tanner after graduation in the party bus!

Katie and Kevin after graduation-obviously Kevin removed his tie!

After a night of graduation parties and dinners and an early morning graduation-this is what happens on the party bus! this is Kevin laying down to take a nap!

Tossing a penny into the fountain for good luck!
It couldn't hurt!

Katie getting an OSU dig in at the court room! Go POKES!

We had a fun filled weekend and just wanted to share the pics from it! On Saturday after our graduation lunch we had a get together at Kevin's house for everyone and The Hanger's even brought Mexican food from Arizona for all the okies and they loved it! That lasted into the wee hours and then we were up the next day packing for our return home!

Thank you to everyone that came and shared in this celebration it was a lot of fun and Kevin appreciated it a lot!